Monthly Guests

Monthly & Extended Stay Guests

  1. The maximum campground stay is 28 days or as established by management.   Guests must exit the park for 14 days before returning to the campground unless approved for monthly stay.
  2. To receive a monthly rate the guest must commit to two months with a maximum of 9 months.  Any long-term guest must complete an application.  Request an application to be emailed or provided to you by emailing to
  3. Our monthly guests agree to rent an RV site (no bailment is created), on which is placed, entirely at the guest’s risk, a recreational vehicle that is 10 years old or newer.  All units must be approved of the SCTP management.
  4. Photos of your RV (all sides) must be attached to the application.
  5. Guests are responsible for keeping their RV in good material and visual condition, if advised by management to make changes, the guest agrees in good faith to do so promptly.
  6. Each site is limited to two adults and no more than three children unless approved by SCTP management.
  7. Monthly guests must pay for electricity at a rate of $0.12 -$ 0.15kW depending on the current rate.
  8. Payment for the first month is required at the time of the reservation.
  9. The monthly payment and utility bill is due on the first day of the month.  A $25 fine will be added if payment is not received by the 5th of the month.
  10. Guests may not have any appliances, sheds, or other permanent structures outside your RV.
  11. During the winter months, long-term guests must put heat tape and insulation on their spigot and use a heated hose.
  12. A 30-day notice is required for a reservation change.
  13. The RV and all vehicles must fit on the gravel pad provided.  Each site is limited to two vehicles plus the RV.  Any vehicles that do not fit on the site must be parked in the overflow parking area.  Guests may not park on the grass for any reason.
  14. You ARE expected to read our Community Standards and sign an acknowledgment of understanding our guidelines.
  15. Any long-term guests not adhering to our Community Standards will be asked to leave the Park.

    Mail & Delivery

  16. Guests may not use the campground’s address for mail delivery.  You may have mail forwarded to this address. The Cornersville Post Office has PO boxes available to rent.
  17. Packages for guests may be picked up from the camp office during our business hours.  SCTP is not responsible for packages or mail. 
  18. Packages should be addressed as follows: 

    Your Full Name
    2499 Lynnville Highway
    Cornersville, TN 37047

  19. SCTP does not forward any packages delivered after your departure.