Park Rules

Happy Camping Policies

  1. THE SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MPH THROUGHOUT THE PARK.  Speeding could result in removal from the park.
  2. Quiet hours are 10 p.m. – 7 a.m.
  3. USA, Canada or military service flags are permitted (no political flags, signs, or banners)
  4. Parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for their children’s behavior and safety.   
  5. The trash dumpster is located next to overflow parking.  Trash must be kept in your RV or placed into the dumpster. We do not pick up trash from your site.
  6. A maximum of 2 vehicles (not including RV) are permitted at a site unless approved by Management.
  7. Vehicles and RVs must fit within the site’s gravel parking area and must not extend into the roadway.
  8. Overflow parking is available near the office and dumpster.
  9. All personal items (mats, chairs, dog fencing, shade tents, etc) must be on the gravel.
  10. Clotheslines/clothes are not allowed to be hung outside. Please use the Laundry Room.
  11. Guests must remain on their reserved site or in public areas – do Not drive, walk, or otherwise infringe upon any other site, occupied or not.
  12. Commercial sales activities are not permitted in or from the Park.  This includes solicitation of others on the Park property.
  13. Operating a  generator is not permitted except in the event of a  power outage.
  14. SCTP  offers bathrooms with showers located on the porch of the main building. 
  15. Freezing temperatures occur at times during the winter months.  Park staff will alert guests when freezing temperatures are expected.  To prevent damage to the park’s water system, guests must turn off the water and disconnect your water line from the spigot.
  16. Grills or other outdoor cooking devices are not permitted on the plastic picnic tables.
  17. Guests may not have any appliances outside of their RV.

  18. Animals (dogs and cats) must be on a  6 ft. leash when outside of your RV except when in the Dog Park.
  19. Pets may not be unattended outside of your RV including in fenced areas.
  20. Guests must clean up after their pets and dispose of bags in the dumpster.  A $25 fine will be assessed for not picking up after your pet.
  21. The number of pets is limited to three unless approved in advance by management.


  22. Ground fires are not permitted at your site.  A Community Campfire Ring is provided next to Agate Lane.
  23. Campfires at sites must be in a raised fire pit/grill.  Ashes from your fire pit/grills may not be dumped on the ground.   Please dispose of ashes into the Community Campfire ring or when cool, put it into a bag and throw it into the dumpster.
  24. Wood for campfires must be purchased locally. 
  25. Grill and campfires must be attended to by an adult at all times and always completely extinguished.